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Turnkey Projects For Food & Refrigeration Systems
Refrigeration is crucial to any food project. Without good refrigeration, there won’t be any food system. In fact, well designed food and refrigeration systems in Freon or ammonia can help clients in maintaining proper food systems as per their specific preference
  • Well regulated atmosphere and adequately modified atmosphere cold room
  • Well regulated atmosphere cold room with crates of 430 lts and 630 lts
  • Cold room: with ammonia (-40 degc to + 15 degc) or in Freon (404A)
  • in dry system, both in flooded gravity system as well as in pumping system
  • Pre cooling: vacuum cooling, hydro cooling, forced draft cooling
  • Ice systems: flake ice, block ice, tube ice
  • Fluid bed freezers
  • IQF systems
  • Chill water systems and with PHE
Fruit Juices Turnkey Projects
Pomegranate juice and concentrate 2500 Kg./Hr. Input Fruits.
We at Food and Refrigeration Systems have an expertise of over five years in this domain and today, are in an expert position to design, engineer, execute and guide clients in seamlessly executing complete plants or setting up various projects in Pomegranates per clients’ desired end uses.

We are all aware that peeling pomegranate by hand can be a cumbersome business. We also cannot overlook the numerous health benefits packed in this fruit, including its anti cancer benefits and its potential in treating osteoarthritis, blood pressure, diabetics, etc.
In recent years, the demand as well as prices for the fruit has soared up. Prices can be controlled only with an increase in the production of this otherwise exotic fruit. Industry giants like Pomtech of Israel has come out with innovative ways to deal with this scenario by supplying plantations from Israel. Market leading entrepreneurs like Pomtech understands the problem and has started initiatives that first starts on the agricultural side and then delves deeper into the project side.

The projects can be as follows:
  • Arils treated & MAP packet in trays for use in super markets
  • Arils treated IQF frozen & MAP packed in trays for product export
  • Juices from Pomegranates- This juice can be easily blended with juices extracted from other fruits
  • Pomegranate concentrates for exporting
Many more viable projects can be worked out in the future

The key components of the equipment are the extractors of arils. There are many companies making these extractors that can extract almost 8 tons/hour. There are also other companies that design extractors that can efficiently extract only a smaller quantity - 850 to 1000kg/hour. This extractors feature a comparatively simple juice processing procedure and the end product that is extracted is also of expected quality standards.  Many Indian companies manufacture extractors of capacities of 1000kg/hr input fruits. We are sure that these companies can secure a competitive edge globally in the near future.
Dairies Turnkey Projects

We have always been excelling in the areas of design, engineering and project executions of dairies with complete professionalism since the last 45 years. Over the years, we have engineered and installed ice cream plants, cheese plants, yogurt with fruits, flavored milk, and even taken care of butter & ghee projects.

With excellent industry background and rich expertise in this field, Food and Refrigeration Systems can help you meet these needs with latest technology available.

We can assist you in putting up any projects in:

  • Turnkey ice cream plants
  • Turnkey yogurt plants with blended fruits
  • Turnkey plants for cheese
  • Turnkey plants for butter making, hardening and packing
  • Turnkey plants in ghee making and filling in containers
  • Feel free to contact us with your proposal and we will be glad to assist you in implementing such projects, right from designing, engineering, fabrication, erection and commissioning of complete plant.
Post Harvest Turnkey Project
Post-Harvest of almost all fruits and vegetables are done in a pack house, which is usually located near the agricultural location of these fruits and vegetables.

It is of paramount importance that we have a good knowledge of the different parameters of different fruits and vegetables, including the co2 & ethylene evolved, the exact temperature and humidity required, size and weight of individual product, and even diseases that have tendency of impacting the overall quality and health of the product.

One should also know if waxing is required in the product and the temperature at which any cleaning detergent should be used.
Food and Refrigeration Systems has an in-depth know-how of all the requirements of different Fruits and vegetables. We divide the scope into two main sections. Processes like cleaning, drying, waxing, inspection, and passing the product through singulator is considered as the first system and is undertaken in India or in China. The second section that follows this first one is grading and packing, and is usually obtained from Israel.
Turnkey Projects for Freezing Fruits/Vegetabls
Freezing is a method that helps in retaining freshness of fruits /vegetables for long time periods.

Freezing inhibits the multiplication and growth of microorganism that causes food spoilage.

Quick frozen fresh cut fruits and vegetables are high value products. Here, the fresh fruits/vegetables are cut into standard sizes as desired
by customers and frozen to a temperature of - 18 deg c with the help of an IQF equipment after the process of precooling/treatment.

Depending on the main steps or operations involved, three different lines may be set up a) Line that requires a special equipment or operation (applicable for products like green peas with podder, pomegranates arils extractions, etc.) b) Lines for root vegetables (used in vegetables like carrot, potato or beetroot) c) Lines for other fruits and vegetables.

Cut fruits /vegetables are usually frozen on a specially designed fluid bed freezer. Heat load size of product and characteristics of a particular product are kept in mind. Peas & Corns will be 100%. Cauliflower & Broccoli will be 60%. Cut Beans & Carrots will be 85/90% whereas other cut fruits including Mango Cubes & Papaya Cubes will be 50%.

Blanching, cooling and dewatering are important processes that are executed before freezing products in IQF equipment. The packing procedure follows the freezing process and can be done in 5kg/10kg cartons or in 340 gms pouches of breathable films. All frozen cut fruits /vegetables are carefully stored at not more than -22 degrees c.

A 2000kg/hr line operates on a power of 435KW and requires a built up space of around 2500sqm. Please feel free to reach us via call/mail in case you are interested in setting up such a project for the same.
Turnkey Project in Breading & Battering
Processes include forming, battering, breading and frying & baking of products like seafood, poultry and meat.
For products like poultry and meat, the broilers are stored in cold rooms where the temperature is maintained at - 22 deg c. The product, i.e., the broiler is taken from the cold room and processed using small cutting machines. The chicken pieces are then separated and packed in well designed trays for MAP Sealing.

The chicken is then ground to minced meat or Keema, which is then used in various value addition machines (forming, battering, breading, and frying machines). The final product is then packed in sealed pouches.

In the case of meat, the product is in the form of carcasses that are hung in hi-tech conveyors in a temperature of -2 degrees cold rooms. The carcasses are first sliced/chopped/cut and then manually separated. These pieces are then filled in special trays, weighed and MAP packaged.

The Keema can also be used for making cutlets employing the forming, battering, breading, and frying machines. Final products are then sent to IQF and the frozen products are then carefully packed in pouches.
Turnkey Projects of Sea Food Processing
Processes include forming, battering, breading and frying & baking of products like seafood, poultry and meat.

At Food and Refrigeration Systems, we strive to give the value addition in food items like fish fillets, shrimps, poultry and meat.

The Fish and Shrimps are first thoroughly cleaned and graded using special grading machines. These machines have robust SS cups for holding the product. Once the products are graded, they can be stored in cold rooms at -2 deg c in tubs. Products can also be stocked in sturdy crates with proper marking and labeling.

For processing fillets from different types of fishes, we have shown the equipment’s from Kroma of Denmark. After the trimming procedure, the fillets are stored at -2 deg c for 48/2 hours. Frozen products are then subjected to processes like deboning and de skinning. The IQF frozen fillets are delivered at frozen stores where they are kept at -22C.  

For products like shrimps, the procedure begins with product grading and the graded shrimps are then stored in -2 deg c temperature. The shrimps are then peeled, cooked, cooled, IQF frozen and again stored in cold rooms at a minimum temperature of -22c .
  • Treated products are then taken for value addition.
  • 500 grams /1000 grams products in trays are then MAP sealed.
  • Marinated weighing 500/1000grams in special PP trays and then MAP sealed