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Seafood Breading Projects

Seafood Breading Projects
Seafood Breading Projects
Service Code : FRS 17

Value Addition Sea Food Turnkey Projects

Forming, Battering breading and frying baking of seafood poultry and meat products.

Value addition in seafood as given by Food and Refrigeration Systems is mainly centered on Fish fillets and Shrimps poultry and meat. We are mainly concentrating on the value addition we are creating on these food items.

The Fish and Shrimps are cleaned and graded in special grading machines with SS cups to hold the product. The graded product can be kept in cold rooms at -2 deg c in tubs or in crates with proper marking.

For processing fillets from fish we have shown the equipments from Kroma of Denmark. After trimming ,the fillets will have to be held in cold room at minus 2 deg c for 48 / 2 hours and then taken for deboning and De skinning operation. The fillets can be IQF frozen and taken to frozen stores at - 22
o C.

In the case of shrimps the grading is first done and the shrimps can be stored as per grades in minus 2 deg c cold room. Later the shrimps are taken for peeling in prawn to peeling machines, then cooked,   cooled and IQF frozen and stored in cold room at -
22o C.

The product are then taken for value addition.

  • Weighing 500 grams /1000 grams in trays and MAP sealed.
  • Marinated weighing 500/1000grams in pp trays and MAP sealed.

The products can be ground in a grinding machine and taken for forming, battering, breading, and frying machines and taken for packing in ready made pouches and sealed and finally packed in boxes and kept in cold rooms at - 22 oC.