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Poultry Plant

Poultry Plant
Poultry Plant
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To build a poultry processing plant one has to know certain initial details like-

Bleeding time, scalding time and temperature of hot water, the timing required from slaughtering To the cooled birds is to be controlled as bacteria may enter the birds. It is also necessary to know The type of proceesing to be done like cutting of birds with bones, cutting of birds without bones, Separating the leg pieces.packing in trays with map packing.

The total equipments are made in sss304 and at times in ss316.THE Main equipments are overhead conveyor, Stunner, bleeding line, scalding tank, washer, defeathering units, washer, evisceration trough with Various devices for cleaning the bird. Finally chill water unit for cooling of birds, or air cooling units for Cooling the birds to 10 deg c.the time from killing of the birds to chilling the same to 10deg c should be within Within 15 minutes as bacteria may enter the birds.

The refrigeration system needs proper planning like flake ice requirement, storage rooms for minus 22 deg c, A spiral freezer for minus 40 degrees c or a blast freezer.

The floor plan is also important as great care has to be given for the floor drains, process room height is also Important as we have to have proper ventillation.

The refrigeration can be made in two levels or in one level. The design, and engineering of the plant will be done by food and refrigeration systems, this will include design of The equipment with drawings. The manufacturing will be given to parties who have experience in the same.

The electricals, and panel will be made by experienced contractors, dg set by experienced companies and so also the Boilers and steam piping.