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Post Harvest Turnkey Projects

Post Harvest Turnkey Projects
Post Harvest Turnkey Projects
Service Code : FRS 15

Precooling of fruits and vegetables and packing in breathable pouches for extending shelf life

With a number of super markets coming up we have to insure a steady stream of fresh fruits and vegetables are available in the supermarkets almost every day.

With the proper washing and pre-cooling techniques we can assure that the shelf life of the product will be prolonged. Besides the packing in breathable films will also  enhance the shelf life of the product.

Food and refrigeration systems offers equipment for extending the shelf life of the fruits & vegetables.

There are four types of pre-cooling
- vacuum cooling - generally for leafy vegetables lettuce, celery, cabbage, cauliflower, sweet corn, lima beans etc. A two tons unit with the product in crates of 540x330x300mm & palleted the space required will be 2.4m x 1.4m x HT2.0m and cooling capacity 75kw with an Ex works price as 45000USD. The unit will be sourced by us from China.

Hydrocooling units are made in Mumbai as per diagram enclosed. The units operate on ice bank system and will be suitable for carrots, leeks  onions, radish, water cress and tomatoes and a unit 1000kg/hr unit with ice bank system will cost approx Rs 3500000/.

Finally we have DX air cooling /wet air cooling system suitable for products like green beans, beetroots cabbage head, cauliflower, peas, potatoes, cucumbers & sweet peppers. Generally a cold room is designed with 80mm insulation and a high velocity cooler with fans for a DX system, and a spray of water is created for the wet system.

  • Post-Harvest of fruits and vegetable are normally done in a pack house.
  • Pack house is normally located near the agricultural location of the fruits and vegetables.
  • It is necessary to know the parameters of each and every fruits and vegetable like
  • The co2 evolved, ethylene evolved, the temperature and humidity required and the disease normally
  • Encountered by the product. We have to also know the sizes of each product and its weights. There will be number of sizes and weights of the product.
  • One should also know the temperature at which the detergent should be used and whether waxing is required.

We at Food and Refrigeration Systems are aware of all the requirements of Fruits and vegetables. The scope is normally divided into two sections. The cleaning, drying, inspection, waxing, drying, and passing through singulator is taken as the first system which is taken up in India or in China and the second section is Grading and packing which is normally obtained by us from Israel.

The total system is designed and executed by us at Food and Refrigeration Systems.