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Pomegranate Juice Processing Consultant

Pomegranate Juice Processing Consultant
Pomegranate Juice Processing Consultant
Service Code : FRS 02

Turnkey Projects for Fruit Juices

Pomegranate juice and concentrate 2500 Kg./Hr. Input Fruits.

We at Food and Refrigeration Systems have been working on this wonderful fruit for the last five years and are in a position to design engineer and guide in execution of complete plants in setting up projects in Pomegranates for various end uses.

The Pomegranate is a difficult fruit for peeling by hand and for quite some time the health benefits was not aware to the general public. It is since recent years that we have started realizing the health benefits of this wonderful fruit. It is an exotic fruit with health benefits like prevention of cancer, osteoarthritis, blood pressure diabetics and many more health problems.

With this the demand for the fruit has gone up and with this the prices have also become high. This is bound to happen unless we try to increase the production of this fruit. In order to help the clients Pomtech of Israel has come out in supplying plantations from Israel. It is better entrepreneurs understands the problem and first start on the agricultural side and then can look into the project side.

The projects can be as follows

  • Arils treated and MAP packet in trays for our super markets.
  • Arils treated IQF frozen and MAP packed in trays for exports.
  • Juices from Pomegranates- This can be blended with other fruits.
  • Pomegranate concentrates for exports.
  • Many more projects can be worked out.

The main items of the equipment are the extractors of arils. We have some companies making the extractors of almost 8 tons/hour. However the juice has to be subjected to elaborate process. There are some companies who are able to extract only a smaller quantity of 850 to 1000kg/hour with lot of Simplification in juice processing and the end product being delivered to high standards.  There are some companies in India who are manufacturing extractors of capacities of 1000kg/hr input fruits. We are sure in due course these companies will be able to compete.