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Ice Cream Plant Planning Consultancy Services

Ice Cream Plant Planning Consultancy Services
Ice Cream Plant Planning Consultancy Services
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Ice Cream Plant Planning Consultancy Services

  • The basic equipment’s are two 500liters heating and cooling tanks
  • Connected with one no plate heat exchanger.
  • One no ss pump with pipes and fittings
  • The milk say cow/buffalo milk is taken say 350 liters in each tank. Let us assume we take cow s milk
  • With specifications 4.65% fat
  • SNF 9.11%
  • Water 86%
  • The mix is designed for the following ingredients
  • Fat 10%to some times 16% in premium ice cream
  • SNF 9 to 12%
  • Sugar 12%to 16%
  • Stabilizer 0.2 to 0.55 say egg yolks
  • Water64%
  • The milk is heated to pasteurizing temperature and we can add butter or cream to increase the milk fat content.
  • WE add skim milk powder to take the SNF to the desired level
  • Sugar is added in the form of corn syrup 0r dextrose.
  • Egg yolk is also added
  • The heating will yield water content of 64%
  • The company will decide the ingredients required and they will approach parties who have software
  • For deciding the further ingredients to be added.
  • Once the mix is made it is taken to homogenizer and then taken to 750 liters aging tanks to kept at 2 degrees c. The aging tanks will be supplied with a constant source of chilled water at 0.5 deg c.
  • Every one hour the next day we can utilize 800 liters mix from aging vats to make ice cream. The aged mix will be fed into continuous ice cream freezer 2 nos. The continuous ice cream freezer400L/HR will be two or three in numbers Each having 2 x 2.6 kw hermitic compressor operating at evaporation of minus 10 deg c. Each unit will have 3.75hp dasher motor and 1.1hp mix pump
  • Daily we have to produce ice cream as follows- 2 x 800 liters ice cream Ice cream produced per day will be1400liters in 100 %over run. We have to make mix twice a day once in morning shift and one in afternoon shift and this will be conveyed to aging vats twice a day.
  • The filling can be 500ml family packs 1no, and cups of 100 ML. We will produce per day 2800 party packs Cups each 100ml will be 14000 Numbers.
  • This will be packed as follows. Party packs will be in polyethylene cartoons 165mmx110mmx 40mm each Say 2800nos
  • This will be again put into cartoons say 500mm x 330mm x 250mm height say 24nos packs will be put into each cartoon. We can make a pallet 1000 x990 x 200 say 800kg each and about2.5 pallets a day for Party packs.
  • We can also make 6 cups of 100 ml in a box of 175mm x175mm x 120mm. boxes required will be 2333 per day. This will be again put into bigger boxes of 500 x 350 x350 mm say 8nos smaller boxes will be put into each bigger box.
  • Total smaller boxes will be 2333nos
  • Bigger boxes 500mm x 350mm x350mm will be 300nos and pallets per day will be 1000 x 1050mm x 1750mm will 10 /11nos
  • We can make one no blast freezer 40m2 in base and height 4m and ice cream storage can be suitable for 10 days storage of 400m2 base x 4m.
  • The refrigeration system can be worked out in Freon 404A or ammonia suitable for temperature minus 22 deg c .

Specification of ingredients of ice cream

  • Milk fat 12%
  • Solids not fat10.5%
  • Sugar 16%
  • Stabilizer0.25%
  • Eggs 0.25
  • Water61%
  • Specific gravity of ice cream mix= 100/ %of milk fat/0.93 + %of solids not fat/1.58 + % of water/1.00= 100/12/0.93 +27/1.58 +61/1.0=1.099
  • Weight per gal of mix= weight of I gal of water x specific gravity mix = 8.355 x1.099=9.16
  • The overrun in the ice cream will vary from 60 to 100 percent
  • The following formula would be used to calculate the weight of mix required to produce 100gal of ice cream.
  • 100/100 +% of overrun x 100 gal x weight of mix per gal
  • 100/100 +100 x 100 x9.16=458lbs

Calculate the refrigeration effect to freeze 100gallon of ice cream-

sensible heat

458 x 0.80 x (40-27) = 4703 Btu

Sensible heat of slush

458x 0.6i xo.48 x144 = 19311 Btu

Heat from motors 5.5hp x2545

13998 Btu

5%loss from freezer and piping

1978 Btu

Total Refrigeration load 41538 Btu3.46TR

Hence we can take refrigeration load of 3.5tonper 100galper hour of 100Percent overun

For other overruns we have as follows


4.04 TR /100 gallons


3.88 TR/100gallons