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Coconut Water Processing Service

Coconut Water Processing Service
Coconut Water Processing Service
Service Code : FRS-03

Coconut Water

Coconut water clients are of two three types. We have client who prefer coconut water in

250mm pet bottles, or in bag and box of 5 liters. Some of the client wish to mix coconut water with other health drinks. On putting the pet bottles in cold room at minus 5 degrees c we can have a shelf life of almost 12 to 15 days.

In order to have a minimum shelf life of six months we have to use HDPE bottles of 250ml.The bottles after filling are heated and cooled.

The main point one should know is the weight of each coconut and the amount of milliliter of water it contains.

The coconut is first washed in a tank with nylon brushes and then taken to a set up for splitting the coconut into two halves. The split coconut then travels on a conveyor where two or four persons remove the meat from the two halves. The meat can be put in a mixer and we can make coconut milk.

The coconut water is taken to a SS 316 hopper from where the coconut water is pumped through a sparkling 5 micron filter through a chill water PHE where the temperature of the coconut water is reduced to 4 degrees c. The coconut water is then pumped to a blending tank where an agitator keeps the coconut water blended with other drinks.

The Blended drink then goes to an insulated tank which can be connected to a bag in box or a bottling system where 250ml pet bottles are used. The total process is carried out in a clean room of 10000 cleanliness. The bottles can then be kept in cold store at minus 5 degrees c. There are inquires for setting up this set up on a truck in foreign countries.