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A professional managed organization; offering Consultancy Services Of Food & Refrigeration Systems, -with emphasis on Freezing technology- Post harvest Technology- Dairy-Fruits Vegetables, Fruit Juices Processing- Value Additions, Sea Food, Poultry and Meat with complete Refrigeration.

Food and Refrigeration systems have been operating for the last eight years as a consulting group in projects in Food and Refrigeration technology. Total consultancy from processing to preserving FRS broad based system engineering can be used in all segments of the food and beverage industry. With strategic alliance with global firms in various aspects of food technology, FRS develops and designs methods, Technologies and innovations which are required by the food industries. The prime consultant is Mr Srinivas Mani a mechanical engineer with a background of 50 years experience in food and refrigeration field.

Mr Mani has installed many dairy plants in India and also seafood poultry and meat processing plants. He has designed IQF plants and has been doing work on treating of fruits/vegetables and packing the same in breathable films. Fruit juices like pomegranate juice and coconut water are being recently worked out.

Mr Mani is well supported by a senior associate consultant, a doctorate in food technology, - a well qualified Food Processing Specialist with expertise in supply chain analysis - of highly perishable fruits, vegetables and flowers, who is also well acquainted with latest processing technologies and conversant with safety, quality issues and regulations. Specifically he brings in techno-economic expertise in project work, having worked on commercial processing projects meant for export marketing and also the domestic markets, for multi-nationals, large industrial houses and small to medium entrepreneurs.

The consultants have many years of experience of agro projects including Greenfield projects. Having travelled extensively abroad the consultants are knowledgeable of recent trends and challenges of the industry and add value to client by being able to offer a complete solution and adequately meet project needs.